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Avoid Creating New User Accounts With BugMeNot


If you're as tired as I am of sites forcing you to go through registration just to view their content, than BugMeNot is for you. It's easy to use and makes life much simpler, not to mention it's a good guard of your online privacy and enables you to browse the Web more anonymously. Here's how it works (from the BugMeNot Tutorial):
  • Make a note of the website address you are trying to access.
  • Visit http://bugmenot.com.
  • Enter the address from step 1 into the box and press the "Get Logins" button
  • You should now be presented with at least one username and password. Make a note of them.
  • Go back to the site you were originally trying to access in step 1 and proceed to login with the username and password you noted in the previous step.
The biggest appeal of BugMeNot is not only the fact that you're bypassing a possible breach of privacy; you're avoiding spam, which is a huge problem once you start filling out a couple of these online registration forms with your real information.

More about anonymous surfing: Read more about anonymous surfing in my article titled Anonymous Surfing 101.

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