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Movie Search

Find a Movie Theater and Movie Showtimes with Search Engines


You can use Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask to find a movie or movie theater with showtimes near you. Here's what you do:

Google: All you need to do to find movie reviews, movie showtimes, or movie theaters in Google is simply type "movies" into Google's search box. You can also search for the name of the movie. In addition, if you can't think of the name of the movie but know a detail, ask Google to find the name of the movie for you: "movie: golden ticket".

Yahoo: You can use Yahoo to find a movie trailer by simply entering in the name of any movie you'd like to see followed by word "trailer" or "trailers". For example: "Harry Potter Trailer". After you've seen the movie trailer, find out where that movie is showing near you by entering in the title of the movie and your location (you can use major city, zip, or city+state).

Ask.com: Ask makes it easy to movie search. Just type in the search term "movie" and you'll be able to find movie titles, movie reviews, and movie showtimes. You can also search by specific movie titles, or if you want to see what time a movie is showing in your time, enter in the name of the movie along with your zip code.

Bing: You can use Bing to find movies in much the same way as Ask. Just type in the name of the movie. You can narrow down your search faster by using your zip code.

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