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Three Ways to Find Cheap Gas


There seems to be no end in sight to the escalating price of fuel these days, and with fuel costs getting so high, many people are desperate to find the lowest gas prices in their local area. Here are three sites you can use to find which gas station is currently offering the least expensive fuel options in your neighborhood:
  • Gas Prices from MSN Auto: Simply type in your zip code and this nifty widget will come back with updated fuel costs, along with gas stations and locations, around your area. This is updated every night.
  • Gas Buddy: Click on your state, then click on your metro area, and you'll get a very long list (submitted by readers) of various gas stations and prices at gas stations in your area.
  • AAA Fuel Gauge Report: Includes both national and state averages, and you can also calculate your fuel needed for a trip. Not so much a gas station finder as it is a fuel information site. updated every day.

Also, don't forget GasPriceWatch.com, MapQuest, or mobile apps that you can use to access gas prices on the go, such as GasBuddy Mobile, Cheap Gas, and GasBook.

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