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How to Search a9.com and Get Amazon Instant Rewards

Search a9.com - Get Free Money at Amazon


NOTE: As of February 2009, this program has been discontinued.

a9.com has a great incentive for you to search with them - your searches on A9.com will make you eligible to save an additional 1.57% on virtually all your purchases at Amazon.com. How does this work? Simple:

  • Navigate to a9.com.
  • Click on the Instant Rewards link.
  • Read the blurb: " You can save an additional 1.57% (π/2%) on virtually all your purchases at Amazon.com by simply becoming a regular user of A9.com. Once you join and use A9.com for at least eight days each month you will automatically be eligible for the A9 Instant Reward. Just make sure that you join the Instant Reward program and are recognized by name when you use A9.com, and your Instant Reward will be applied automatically at checkout whether you use the Amazon.com Shopping Cart or 1-Click ® ordering." (you can keep reading that page for more information but that's the gist of it)
  • Once you've joined it'll take about a week of searching to activate your instant rewards at Amazon. I don't know about you, but seeing as I have an insatiable book habit, this is very enticing to me.

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