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Tech News: The Best Sources Online

New Technology News


Whether you're looking for news on the latest Apple products or want to pick out a new smartphone, you'll be able to find all the information you ever wanted to and more online. Here are just a few of the best sources to find breaking tech news.
  • CNET: CNET is one of the first places I like to go for my technology news fix.
  • ComputerWorld: technology news aimed at those working in the IT and technology field.
  • New York Times Technology News: Good balanced perspective on technology news issues.
  • TechDirt: TechDirt does a great job of covering technology news stories that other services don't necessarily cover; they're also pretty funny and irreverent.
  • Wired News: technology news from all ends of the technology spectrum here, they also offer technology news in a podcast format.
  • ZDNet: "where technology means business"; lots of technology news here.
  • BBC Technology News: In-depth coverage of technology news with lots of background information.
  • CNN Technology News: Technology news with lots of videos as well.
  • Time Technology News: Not necessarily up to the minute reporting, but you get extremely in-depth coverage and background information on technology news and trends.
  • Yahoo Technology News: Yahoo does a great job of pulling in a lot of technology news from a variety of sources.
  • Digg Technology: Take this with a large grain of salt; but I've found Digg's technology section a pretty good source of breaking technology news.
  • Topix Technology News: With over 300K sources at the time of this writing, Topix Technology News is a great source.

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