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Filtering Web Data: Free Web Tools You Can Use To Find What You're Looking For


If you've been on the Web for any length of time, you know that the sheer amount of information available on any subject can be, in a word, overwhelming. This vast array of information is amazing, yet, if you're looking for something specific (and you need to monitor information) it can be awkward to handle at the very least. Here are a few free tools and methods that can help you manage this information, especially if you're tracking something specific.

How to Filter Social Media Data: Social media is incredibly popular and gaining more real estate in search engine result pages all the time. Not all of this information is necessarily valuable for the long term, but there are gems in this vast array of data that can be very useful. Learn how you can filter and monitor targeted items with free tools and Web search services.

How to Find What You Want Using Google Video: In this informative video, you'll learn how to find videos effectively using Google Video advanced search filters.

Google Advanced Search Pages: If you use Google quite often, you'll know that there are many more options available to searchers via advanced search. In this article, you'll see all the advanced search pages that Google has to offer all in one place. Using these advanced search pages, you'll be able to drill down and find much more specific results than with a more general search query.

Three Ways to Find an Image: Finding an image is not that easy if you're looking for something very specific or something that is similar to something else. Using these advanced search methods, you'll be able to filter your image results into something more intuitive. You can also find stock images (free images you can use for private and professional projects) using Free Stock Images: The Top Five Sources.

How to Find Time-Sensitive Information Online: Whether you need information that's right now or from many decades ago, you can use the Web to accomplish both of these search goals. Learn how to find information from breaking news events, information that is somewhat recent (up to a month ago), or data that is historically relevant.

Six Ways You Can Use The Real Time Web: The "real time Web" consists of the vast array of information that is pulsating minute by minute from social media websites. This data is plentiful, and there are bits and bites of information that is extraordinarily useful, however, drilling down into this information and finding what you need can be problematic. Using this article, you'll learn how to use the real time Web as a search tool, use Twitter as a springboard for timely content, search conversations in real time, follow news events as they happen, and find people where they exist on their social media profiles.

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