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Review: "Search Engine Marketing, Inc.", by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt

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Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Mike Moran and Bill Hunt have put together an exemplary resource for anyone interested in search engine optimization and marketing. Their easy to understand, step by step explanations are filled with both practical advice and professional expertise. You will feel empowered reading this comprehensive manual, and will walk away better equipped to both understand and implement what's needed to make yours or your company's site attract more search traffic.
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  • Comprehensive and detailed look at search engine optimization
  • Easy to understand explanations of marketing processes
  • Step by step walkthroughs of complicated SEO procedures
  • Refreshing conversational style
  • Tons of easily implemented, practical advice


  • None


  • Hands on, practical experience passed on in an easy to understand format.
  • Everything from the basics of targeting your audience to the intricacies of paid search campaigns.
  • The authors present a complicated subject in a step by step fashion.
  • Covers all aspects of search marketing, from brainstorming a budget to keyword bidding.
  • Treats search marketing as integral to a company's success, instead of an afterthought.
  • Chock-full of refreshing real life examples that show you how to (and how not to) market your site.
  • Refuses to go for the easy answer. SEO takes work, and this book doesn't try to get around it.
  • A vital book for anyone who wants to promote a site.

Guide Review - Review: "Search Engine Marketing, Inc.", by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt

I couldn't recommend this book more highly. Anything and everything you would ever want to know about website marketing and search engine optimization is in this hefty volume, including detailed analyses of the marketing thought processes behind each vital step.

The first section, The Basics of Search Marketing, goes over the nitty-gritty of SEO. You'll read the basics of how search engines work, why search marketing is important, and how search marketing should function.

The second section, Develop Your Search Marketing Program, starts getting very practical. I especially appreciated the chapter on measuring your search marketing success, since we all like to see the results of our hard work in real time.

The third section, Execute Your Search Marketing Program, is the nuts and bolts of the book. Learn how to:

  • get your site indexed
  • choose your target keywords
  • optimize your content
  • attract links to your site
  • optimize your paid search program
  • make search marketing operational
The authors of this manual know what they're talking about. Mike Moran has worked on IBM's Web site for the past seven years and is currently the Manager of ibm.com Site Architecture. Bill Hunt, as the CEO and founder of Global Strategies International, brings years of specialized search marketing experience to the table. Between the two of them, they've managed to present a vast amount of information in an easy to understand manner, with simplified descriptions that are easily implemented.
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