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Google - The Missing Manual

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Google - The Missing Manual

The Bottom Line

Google: The Missing Manual is another book that is going to be right next to my computer from now on. Authors Sarah Milstein and Rael Dornfest examine Google and what it has to offer web searchers; starting with the history of Google, Google search techniques, Google tools, and Google extras, and ending up with how Google can benefit your site as a webmaster.
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  • Great descriptions of Google search techniques
  • Good information about little-known Google tools and tricks
  • Excellent information for webmasters and how Google affects them


  • None


  • Helps any user, from newbie to search guru, learn more about Google's search capabilities
  • Describes Google tools and tricks and you can use them for greater Google success
  • Learn how to use Google to search for things like phone numbers, maps, stocks, and a lot more
  • Great resource for webmasters who want their site in Google, as well as AdWords and AdSense

Guide Review - Google - The Missing Manual

Google: The Missing Manual is a must-read for anyone who wants to make Google work harder, faster, and more effectively. This easy to read book doesn't get bogged down in boring techno-babble, and engages the reader with simple explanations of somewhat complicated processes. In addition, the generous sprinkling of Google trivia, Google frequently asked questions, and Google "Gems in the Rough" are well put-together and make for compelling reading.

Not only does this book make you a better Google searcher, but it takes the subject of Google's Pay Per Click programs AdWords and AdSense and demystifies both of them in a frank and easy to understand manner. There is a lot of mis-information on the Web about Google and how it fits in to search engine optimization, and Google:The Missing Manual does an excellent job of picking what's important to understand, and what is not.

Bottom line: I recommend this book to anyone who's ever been on the Web and who's ever used Google. There is so much more to Google than its deceptively simple and easy to use interface, and this book really lets you get under the hood, so to speak, of Google.

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