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The New Technorati

A Faster Way to Search The Web


What changes have been made to Technorati?

According to the official Technorati blog, six months of work has gone into completely revamping Technorati. So! What does that mean, exactly?
  • Brand new design
  • Simplified searching
  • More integrated results - you're not searching for blogs anymore
  • Streamlined search JUST for blogs as well at Technorati Search
  • Better features to help you find what you're looking for

How do these changes help me use Technorati better?

For one thing, this new and improved Technorati is way faster than the original roll-out. That's probably the one thing that I like the most about it so far. Secondly, while Technorati still includes many of my favorite features that help to narrow down your search focus, they're a bit easier to use.

Why should I use Technorati?

I found that this new version of Technorati is both easier and faster to use; the results seem to include more picks from a bigger part of the Web, and the advanced search features are much more intuitive. Still not sure? Well, let's look at some other articles about Technorati:
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  • Technorati, a Blog Search Engine: Technorati is a real-time search engine dedicated to the blogosphere. It only searches through blogs to find exactly what you're looking for.
  • Technorati Search Tips: Technorati is a great resource to use for searching the Web as it's updated. Find out how to search Technorati better.
  • Search Technorati with the Technorati Mini: One of the handiest Technorati search tools is the Technorati Mini, a customizable search popup that automatically researches your topic across the blogosphere every 60 seconds.

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