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Black Hat Search Engine Optimization

Unethical search engine optimization, or "black hat" SEO, is unethical. Learn what black hat search engine optimization is, how to identify it, and how to avoid it.

What is Black Hat SEO?
The term "black hat" basically refers to search engine optimization techniques that aren't technically within the boundaries of what search engines accept as ethical.

Doorway Pages - Are They Helpful or Hurtful?
Doorway pages are specifically aimed towards search engine spiders - once a searcher lands on a doorway page, they are instantly redirected to the "real" website.

What is Spam?
Here's a quick roundup of how various search engines define spam in the context of search engine optimization.

Invisible Text: Never a Good Idea
Search engines universally frown on invisible text, and webmasters can get penalized or even banned for utilizing this Black Hat SEO practice. Learn more about invisible text and why you should avoid it as a webmaster.

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