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Nine Books You Can Use To Introduce Your Children to the Web


Children these days have the unique opportunity to use the Web for a huge variety of purposes. Find out how to introduce your children to the Web with my picks for some of the best children's books out there that can help you child understand more about the Web and what they can use it for.

1. Online Activities for Kids: Projects for School, Extra Credit, or Just Plain Fun

If you're looking for a book that will make your kids truly excited about what they can do on the Web, than I would highly recommend this one. You can design your own roller coaster, relive a day in the life of a Civil War soldier, write a letter in a language you don’t even speak, and lots more.

2. My First Email Guide

Help you child learn how to use email, emoticons, proper email etiquette, and more.
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3. My First Computer Guide

This is an excellent book to introduce your child to technology and the Web. Great illustrations, practical tips, and useful resources that include links and how-to's.
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4. The Usborne Book of the Internet

A great introduction to the early history of the Web and the Internet, and how they are linked together. Includes plenty of hands-on activities that get your child involved in Web search and discovery.
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5. How to Find Almost Anything on the Internet: A Kid's Guide to Safe Searching

This is a great book not only for kids but for anyone who has felt a little overwhelmed on where to go on the Web in order to find what they are looking for. Learn about everything from crafting a well-worded search query to which search engine might be best for you to use.

6. Online Kids: A Young Surfer's Guide to Cyberspace

Need something to help your child explore the Web? This is the book - and it's not only for the younger set; anyone with a hankering to know more about how the Web works and get more out of it would definitely benefit from reading this book.
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7. Family-Friendly Web Sites for Kids

We all know that the Web is full of wonderful things, but it's also got quite a few sites that are definitely not okay for kids. This little book will help you search the more user-friendly side of the Web.

8. Free Stuff for Crafty Kids on the Internet

If you've got yourself a budding artist at home, then you'll want to check out this book: tons of crafty freebies that are great for creative adults as well.

9. 1001 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet

Organized alphabetically and by subject, this book breaks down the best sites in any category you can think of - a great resource that introduces your child to the best of the Web.
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