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Weird Websites: The Top Twenty Online


There are millions of sites on the Web that serve some kind of purpose: information, productivity, communication, etc. But what about those sites that seem to have absolutely no point, yet we're drawn to them again and again? Find out in this list of the top twenty strange (yet oddly compelling) websites.

1. Virtual Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap
No longer do you have to sneak around to pop that bubble wrap; now, you can pop as much bubble wrap as you possibly can with Virtual Bubble Wrap. Also comes in Insane Speed!

2. Rock Paper Scissors Society

rock paper scissors
The time-honored game of Rock, Paper, Scissors apparently has a big enough following to have an actual society attached to it. Find out more about RPS, including strategies, history, and when the next championship event is going to be.

3. Press The Spacebar

press the spacebar
Press the Spacebar is all about....uh...pressing the spacebar on your keyboard. That's about it. See why I titled this list "pointless sites"?

4. Kitty Wigs

kitty wigs
Haven't you ever looked at your cat and thought "what that cat really needs to shine is a kitty wig"? That's where KittyWigs comes in to save the day, with their pink, blue,and special Silver Fox models.

5. Clock

human clock
It's a clock. A big clock. Made out of people.

6. Watch Paint Dry

watch paint dry
Got some spare time? You'll want to to spend it watching paint dry. Really, you will.

7. The Rolf Harris Jukebox

rolf harris jukebox
Listen to the musical stylings of Rolf Harris, an animated figure that sings (badly) a variety of folksy songs. While playing some kind of....saw?

8. My Pet Goldfish

my pet goldfish
Remember that goldfish you won at the carnival when you were little? And how it went to the Big Goldfish Bowl in the Sky right after you got home? Well, now you can watch a Virtual Goldfish without the messiness of the whole dying thing.

9. Big Long Now

open the door
Open doors over and over and OVER AGAIN, possibly until infinity. Or longer. I got to 50 and gave up.

10. Toilet Paper

toilet paper
Unroll a roll of toilet paper as long as you want without having to clean it up - what could be better?

11. Cow Dance

Watch cows do all sorts of fun little dances here: ballet, square dancing, disco...you name it, they'll probably do it.

12. Don't Click Here

don't click here
You might really want to click on that button, but I strongly urge you not to. Just don't click it. (I know you will, I did.)

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