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Top Ten Best Sites of 2007


The Top Ten Best Sites of 2007 wouldn't be complete without the addition of Google, the most popular search engine on the Web.
Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Google | Little Known Facts About Google | Create A Google News Alert
Google is the largest and most popular search engine on the Web today. More people use Google in their daily lives than any other search engine, and with good reason: it's easy to use, returns relevant results, and offers a consistently quality experience.

More About Google

  • Google Search Shortcuts: Here are the top Google Shortcuts that any savvy Googler should have under his or her belt. You'll find that using these Google Search Shortcuts will greatly cut down on your Google search time, as well as make your Google searches more effective and more efficient.
  • Google Search Engine Basics: In the last few years, Google has attained the ranking of the #1 search engine on the Net, and consistently stayed there. Users are attracted to its mammoth listings and ease of search; and with the launch of Google's PPC program (Pay Per Click) business sites are utilizing it more and more as well to help them in the marketplace.
  • Google Quiz: Test your Google knowledge with this fun quiz.
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