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Search Engine Optimization 101

If you want to start learning about how to optimize your site to be seen by search engines, Search Engine Optimization 101 is the place to start. Learn what search engine optimization is, how to design a search-friendly site, incorporate keywords into your site copy, and more.
  1. SEO Keywords and Phrases (6)
  2. Site Submission (4)
  3. Meta Tags 101 (3)
  4. Search-Friendly Design (5)
  5. SEO FAQ (10)

What is Search Engine Optimization?
In a very basic nutshell, search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of making your site and the site's individual pages visible and relevant to both search engines and search engine users.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners
Whether you're just starting to optimize your Web site for search engines and visitors, or you've been around for a while and need a refresher course, these ten search engine optimization tips will help you get to the essentials in SEO.

Ten Steps to a Well-Optimized Site
Want increased website traffic, higher search engine ranking, and increased customer satisfaction? Read these Ten Steps to a Well-Optimized Site and you'll be well on your way to accomplishing these goals.

Top Five Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization
Learn what the top five mistakes in search engine optimization are and how to avoid them: lack of targeted keywords, badly written site content, black hat seo techniques, meta tags used improperly or not at all, and confusing web design.

Search Engine Optimization: Free Online Course Lesson Roundup
The following list of articles cover all the topics discussed in Search Engine Optimization, a free online course offered here at About Web Search.

Basic Search Engine Optimization Tasks
Search engine optimization isn't a one-off deal. Here are a few basic pointers to keep you going.

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