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Black Hat SEO


Definition: Black Hat SEO, also known as Black Hat search engine optimization, refers to the practice of using unethical, obnoxious, and shady methods to rank a Web site higher in the search engine results, or SERPs. Some of the methods commonly used in Black Hat SEO include:
  • Doorway pages: Pages specifically designed to trick search engines into sending searchers to a different destination; used to spike Web traffic.
  • Keyword stuffing: Using a Web site as a dumping ground for as many relevant (or irrelevant) key phrases as possible in order to attract more traffic.
  • Invisible text: Keyword stuffing with a twist; searchers can't see the extraneous lists of words, but search engine spiders can.

Webmasters utilizing Black Hat SEO techniques to rank Web sites more highly and gain more traffic should be cautioned that these methods are not popular with any search engine, and will get their site(s) banned from search engine results.

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Also Known As: Spamming, unethical SEO

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