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Title Tags and Search Engine Optimization - Web Search - About.com
Using title tags is an integral part of search engine optimization. However, they are easily misused. Find out how to use them the right way and attract more traffic  ...
How to Write a Great Title Tag - Web Search - About.com
The title tag is what the user will see at the top of the browser window, as well as in the search results as the linked title to your Web page. These tags help ...
Search Engine Optimization and the Title Tag
Optimize your title tag for optimum visibility by both search engines and ... Title tags are found within the and tags within the HTML or XML ...
SEO Tips - How to Write SEO-Friendly Meta Titles
The title is displayed by the browser, and tells a reader what page they are on. Meta titles are ... Note that the above title tags accomplish three things: They help  ...
What Does Your Title Tag Look Like? - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The title is one of the most important tags in your document, but it's often overlooked. Learn how the title tag affects your documents and why you should use the ...
The title Element - titles the document - XHTML 1.0 HTML 4.0
The title tag defines the title of the document. ... The following tags are valid within the <title> tag: None. <title> Valid Context: The <title> tag is valid within the ...
Where To Put Keywords In Your Copy for Maximum Impact
The next place you'll want to put your keywords is in the meta tags of your site. ... Read more about the title tag in my article titled Using Title Tags To Increase ...
Learn to Use Meta Tags for Your Website - Social Media - About.com
Another important part of meta tags is not really a meta tag but is still very important to your search engine placement. It's the title tag and it's one of your basic ...
Top Seven Mistakes in Web Page Titles
Google Webmaster Tools will show you all the pages that are missing title tags or have duplicate title tags. And often the duplicates are the default title text ...
What Is the HEAD Element of Web Pages? - Web Design/HTML
Meta tags are very important to get good ranking in search engines. But if you only have time to write either a good, descriptive title or meta tags, write the title.
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