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Facebook 'Privacy Notice' Is Useless - Urban Legends
DON'T FALL FOR IT! Viral post purports to protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of Facebook members who copy and paste it to their walls. Not true.
Facebook Privacy Settings Misinformation
'I want to stay privately connected...' Viral message purports to explain how Facebook members can protect the privacy of their comments and likes.
How to Test Your Facebook Privacy Settings
Facebook seems to be constantly changing the way it implements user privacy settings. Who knows, they may change the settings twice before you even finish ...
Facebook - Choose Your Privacy Settings - Family Technology
everyone ), "Friends of Friends" (this is anyone who is a friend of anyone you're a friend with on Facebook - you have no control over who these people are), ...
Facebook 'Graphic App' and Privacy - Urban Legends
Misinformative postings claim Facebook's new 'Graphic App' (Graph Search) compromises members' privacy by making all their photos, comments and likes ...
Key Facebook Privacy Settings (Tutorial) - Social Media - About.com
How to take control of your Facebook privacy settings. Page 2.
Control Privacy Settings in Facebook Search Results and Apps
You can always find this page by clicking on "privacy settings" in the pull-down menu in the top right corner of most Facebook pages. Scroll down the page ...
Facebook Privacy Levels - Understanding ... - About Contests
When you are adjusting your privacy settings on Facebook, you have some pre- set options that allow you to quickly select who can see what information.
How to Make Facebook Photos Private
Facebook is an extremely popular place to share photos with friends and family. Unfortunately, if you don't adjust your privacy settings, you may also be sharing ...
Facebook New Profile - Timeline Privacy Settings
The new Facebook Timeline is arguably the most drastic layout overhaul in the history of Facebook, ... Facebook's New Profile and Timeline Privacy Settings.
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