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MapQuest Driving Directions Search Shortcuts
Be sure to check out the the printable MapQuest Driving Directions cheat sheet Use these search shortcuts for better MapQuest driving directions
More About MapQuest
MapQuest Driving Directions
MapQuest Road Trip Planner
MapQuest is Ten Years Old

Find a Map Online
National Geographic MapMachine-a Map Search Engine
Online Map
Find a Google Map on the Web

More Maps on the Web
Star Wars Masks and Haunted House Map
Useful Site of the Day - Literature Map
Find Music You Like with Music-Map

"map", "latitude","longitude" any of these words will do a basic search
(latitude AND longitude) AND (decimal OR degree) group search terms using parentheses
po?tland - look for parts of words you can do wildcard searches in MapQuest with a question mark
post* - search for multiple characters postal, post office, posting
l*tude - wildcard search can also use the * as a wildcard search
add~ - find similar words with the tilde use the tilde to find address, addressing, etc.
"toolbar installation"~5 helps you find words that are close to each other; for instance, within five words (the # can be changed)
Canadian^4 map use the up arrow sign to "boost" a search term for better results (the number indicates the importance)
"driving directions" Canada^4 boost a phrase (the higher the number, the higher the boosting. You can tweak the numbers for better results.)
"zip code" OR "postal code" search for documents that contain "zip code" OR "postal code"
"postal code" "zip code" same as above
"city" AND "state" search for documents that contain "city" and "state"
"city" && "state" same as above
"map" "longitude" earch for documents that must contain "map" and may contain "longitude"
"map" NOT "Find It" search for documents that contain "map" but not "Find It"
"map" ! "Find It" same as above
"map form" -"form errors" search for documents that contain "map form" but not "form errors"

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