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Web Safety Quiz

How safe are you on the Web?

If you are not ready to take the Web Safety Quiz, learn more about Web safety first by reading some of the articles about Web safety below:

Web Safety Resources:

  • Kids Safety Online
    Every parent wants their kids to be safe online, right? Of course! Use the following tips to insure your kids safety on the Web.

  • Ten Ways to Keep Your Search History Private
    Search engines can and do keep records of searches - here's a few ways you can keep your searching history private.

  • Anonymous Surfing 101
    Learn about anonymous surfing, what anonymous surfing is, why you might be interested in surfing anonymously, how much information is easily learned about you via your Web surfing habits, anonymous proxies and services, and more.

  • Hide and Seek on the Web
    Learn how to hide your online identity when surfing the Web.

  • Anonymous Surfing with Bugmenot
    If you're as tired as I am of sites forcing you to go through registration just to view their content, than BugMeNot is for you. It enables you to register for sites using fake information so your surfing experience is as anonymous as possible.

  • How to Avoid Porn on the Web
    Have you ever tried to find something on the Web and come across pornographic materials? Learn how to find what you're looking for and avoid porn.

  • Anatomy of a Phishing Scam
    Phishing is becoming more and more prevalent on the Web. View the Anatomy of a Phishing Scam image gallery to find out how to identify a phishing scam.

  • Free Spyware Removal Tools
    If you're not careful on the Web, you can pick up some spyware. Here are my favorite free spyware removal tools.

  • Surf the Web Safely with WorkFriendly
    Don't want to get caught browsing your favorite sites at work? Try WorkFriendly, a a web-based proxy service which will make any website look like a completely work appropriate application, such as Office 2003.

  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation
    If you want to stay on top of online privacy and safety issues, you can't do much better than the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  • Search Engines and Internet Privacy
    Ever wondered what a search engine's privacy policy looks like? Here's a few for you the next time you'd like some light reading.

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