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Wendy Boswell

    Web Search 101 - Learn to Search the Web

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    Web Search 101: Learn How to Search the Web | Advanced Google Search Techniques | Search Engine Optimization Made Simple | How to Find Multimedia on the Web | How to Find People for Free on the Web

    Free Email Class - Learn How To Search The Web With Web Search 101 - Free Weekly Lessons

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    The Web is a big place, and finding what you want can be a bit daunting. However, with my Free Web Search 101 Class, I'll show you how to mine the Web more effectively and precisely.

    Web Search 101 is a free class made up of thirteen weekly lessons that will come to you in your email inbox; every week, I'll show you how to do something different on the Web.It's a great introduction, and will get you well on your way to becoming a more experienced (and less frustrated!) Web surfer.

    Here's a Preview of Web Search 101:

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Internet and the Web
    • Lesson 2: Basic Search Techniques
    • Lesson 3: Web Browsers
    • Lesson 4: Introduction to Search Engines
    • Lesson 5: Search the Web with Metasearch Engines
    • Lesson 6: Introduction to Online Shopping
    • Lesson 7: Find People on the Web
    • Lesson 8: How to Use RSS to Search the Web
    • Lesson 9: Search the Invisible Web
    • Lesson 10: Reference Search on the Web
    • Lesson 11: Find Multimedia on the Web
    • Lesson 12: Web Search Safety
    • Lesson 13: The Social Web and Web 2.0

    Weekly Lesson Sign Up

    Daily Lesson Sign Up

    Use the easy sign-up form below and the first lesson will be delivered to you by email very soon. All of the Web Search 101 lessons will be sent to you by email once a week, for a total of thirteen separate emails. At the end of thirteen weeks, you'll be well on your way to becoming a more efficient Web searcher!

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