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Wendy Boswell

Why isn't this website working?!?!

By May 21, 2014

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down for everyone or just me

Here's the scenario: you try to access one of your favorite sites (maybe one of the sites you're addicted to), and the darn thing won't load for you. You try, over and over again, and STILL no joy. You know that it really should be coming up, so you type the URL into your favorite search engine to see if there's anyone else having the same problem. Unfortunately, search engines just don't index result quite that fast (yet), so it seems as if you're the only person having the problem, and you're just going to have to wait it out. Bummer!

That's where Down For Everyone Or Just Me comes in. This is an ingenious site, and here's how it works: simply type in the name of the site that's not cooperating with you, and within seconds you'll see if this mysterious downtime is a more widespread problem (or if it's really JUST YOU). This is an easy way to troubleshoot where the connectivity problem might be happening.

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