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Wendy Boswell

Search all of Craigslist with SearchTempest

By January 27, 2011

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I'm a huge fan of Craigslist, but searching for something on more than just one geographic location is a bit tricky. That's where SearchTempest comes in.

SearchTempest lets you search as much or as little of Craigslist as you possibly can handle, for any category, whether it be jobs, real estate, stuff for sale, etc. Here's how a basic search on SearchTempest works:

  • Key your location into the "Where" search field. Using the drop-down menu right beneath the search field, decide how far or near you'd like your search to range. You have the option of just a few miles to anywhere Craigslist roams within Canada, the United States, or Mexico (not sure why Europe, Africa, and other countries outside the range of North America weren't included).
  • Type what you're looking for, say, a new iPhone or a leather couch or a new car, into the "What" field. You can get as advanced or as vague as you want to be here (note: usually, starting out a little vague rather than exceedingly detailed will bring back better search results).
  • Click "Search" and you'll see your results, which will start at the Craigslist closest to you and fan out from there. SearchTempest gives you quite a few options for manipulating your search results: you can map something, get directions, delete a location you don't want, sort by date, best price, best match, state, distance, size; you can even get an RSS feed for results you'd like to keep track of.

In a word, SearchTempest is fantastic. I've only spent about 45 minutes on the site so far and I can tell you right now that it's definitely going to save me a lot of time and effort. Job seekers, especially, should take advantage of how SearchTempest can expand a job search - I plan on adding to my list of useful job search engines.

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August 30, 2010 at 4:46 pm
(1) Emilia says:

Wendy, you are in denial, jeez! I could hardly believe your absurd denial that Al Gore indeed said he created the Internet… especially after you quoted the man’s own words! “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in CREATING the Internet.” How “taken out of context” is this? It’s the man’s own words, for Pete’s sake!!!! So, I guess it all depends on what the meaning of “creating” is, right?

August 31, 2010 at 12:29 am
(2) websearch says:

Emilia, I think perhaps you need to re-read the article (http://websearch.about.com/od/internet101/f/al-gore.htm).

One of the biggest verbal faux pas in history has to be this Al Gore whopper. In a word, no, Mr. Gore did not invent the Internet.

Here are his exact words: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” Taken out of context, it certainly does appear that he’s taking credit for inventing something that he really didn’t; however, it’s just awkward phrasing that coupled with the rest of his statement (mostly focused on economic growth) actually does make sense. If you want to read what was said (along with background information) in its’ entirety, you’ll want to check out this resource: Al Gore “invented the Internet” – resources.

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