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Wendy Boswell

Free ebooks at Barnes and Noble

By July 21, 2009

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free ebooksBarnes and Noble have unveiled a giant new ebooks store with over 700,000 books available for download along with free e-reader software for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac and PC platforms - in other words, you can read these ebooks on pretty much anything. What's so cool about the Barnes and Noble ebooks store? Well, they've partnered up with Google Books to bring us nearly a half million public domain ebooks for FREE, which is always a good price.

In order to find the freebies at Barnes and Noble's ebooks store, click on any subject you're interested in, say, History, and then click "sort by price" on the top search menu. This will instantly shuffle all the freebies to front and center, where you can then proceed to download to your heart's content.

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October 25, 2009 at 4:50 pm
(1) Mike says:

I recently downloaded the supposedly “FREE” ebooks offered on BarnesandNoble.com. The site says that some of these “FREE” ebooks may show up as costing 1 cent in your shopping cart but that you will indeed NOT be charged for these.

Well, in eight individual cases I WAS in fact charged for these “FREE” ebooks. In fact, in one case, I was charged $3.24 for one of these “FREE” ebooks.

After more than a month of emailing customer service and being told pretty much it was my problem not theirs, they have finally agreed to “investigate” the seven 1 cent charges that should not have been made. They are, however, telling me that the $3.24 charge is correct – and they are refusing to refund this erroneous charge!

All I can say from my own personal experience is…

If you want to pay for your “FREE” ebooks, then go and download them from Barnes & Noble.com. I you want to get ebooks that really are “FREE”, then go somewhere else like the Sony ebook (http://ebookstore.sony.com/) site which I have never had even 1 minutes problem with.

Good e-reading to you all…


December 14, 2009 at 3:31 pm
(2) Lione Kazmircci says:

I have’nt tried downloading free ebook from B&N, but there are very easy ways to find free ebooks on the internet. one of the is to type your search phrase to google and add filetype:pdf. If they are any good, I promote my blog with them by writing linked reviews for http://www.zbooc.com

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